Is reconstituted juice bad for you?!

Question: Is reconstituted juice bad for you?
I watched a show on the news about this juice and I know it means they take the water out and put it back in, but is it actually bad for you? Does it damage your health or is it just not as healthy as pure juice?
Thanks in advance :)


No. The taste may differ, but all juices begin to lose nutrients as soon as they leave the fruit, just as fruit loses nutrients over time after it is harvested. Whole fruit is best, followed by frozen, canned in juice and then juice. Fruit or juice is healthy in any form as long as there is no added sugar.

The practice of Finnish fresh fruit juices:

Strawberry jam 30CC, a strawberry ice cream balls, brown sugar, water, 15CC, 80CC ice right amount of milk you can shake! !

Materials: ice coffee 100cc, red wine, 30cc, foam fresh cream 15 grams, a little cinnamon.

Production: the drip coffee and red wine poured into a glass shake cream slowly into the foam, so that structured from top to bottom, and finally sprinkle cinnamon for decoration.

Flavor characteristics: a cocktail of rich flavor, color and fullness, taste is very mild.

Practices of fresh fruit juice fruit juice Brushing:

Name Wizard of Oz Dorris World

Materials, 15 ml orange juice 60 ml lemon juice 15 ml green mint smoothies amount Sprite
Making the orange juice, lemon juice, green mint smoothies tune into the jug full of ice, the shake, and even, into the blender cup, add Sprite to fill.
Phalaenopsis decorations
Sweet and sour taste

The practice of pumpkin juice freshly squeezed juice jujube

About 1 kg of fresh pumpkin ˙
˙ red dates 15

■ Method:
1. Pumpkin peel diced, red dates.
2. Add hot water after boiling.

■ compensation benefits:
Jujube is a natural skin care beauty supplements, long-term consumption of a health, fitness effect. Modern medical research shows that children with allergies can eat dates to cure allergic diseases.

Everything is "bad" for you these days, so it doesn't really matter. It's not going to harm you, they say juices are bad because they have a lot of sugar in them, so now they get compared to sodas. Like one day coffee is "bad" for you, then you hear somewhere else how "good" coffee is supposed to be for's ridiculous.

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