i wanted to know if its safe to have honey with boiling water(green tea)?!

Question: I wanted to know if its safe to have honey with boiling water(green tea)?
i read somewhere that Honey when added to boiling water turns toxic..wanted to know if its true


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Don't know where you heard that. People have been adding honey to tea for centuries. They make hot drinks for colds with lemon and honey and boiling water too and that goes back to at least Victorian times

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I like to have tea with a touch of honey and lemon every once in a while. I am 49 and have been drinking about two cups a month in the winter since I was 20. I, personally, have had no ill effects.

Tea with honey is perfectly fine--I've used tea with honey and lemon as a cold/sore throat remedy for years. I make the tea first, though, then add the other ingredients after it's steeped.

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