How does my coke rewards work?!

Question: How does my coke rewards work?
if I use my points to get something like powerade do I need to print out a coupon or will they mail it to me?


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Yeah, they mail whatever you choose to get with your tokens to you.

You go onto
(.au if you're in australia)
Then you make an account and put in your codes to get tokens.
You get 10 tokens for every code.
Depending on how many tokens you have, you can get different goodies.
Literally today, my coke beach ball came. It's in perfect condition and i've already used it!
It took about 2 weeks to come, and the postage was free so i'm really happy with it

They will mail it to you...It takes a LONG time to get to you though.I've been waiting over 2 months for my coupons and and I waited a bit less for the last batch.

EDIT: The URL listed by the other answerer is incorrect.The AU URL for Coke rewards is:

In the US the URL is:

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