do Monsters (the energy drink) really keep you awake? are they worth buying?!

Question: Do Monsters (the energy drink) really keep you awake? are they worth buying?

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they eat the inside lining of ur stomach if u drink to many. once u drink like 5 ur body is used to them so they dont help u what so ever.

I have had one a a trip before . I find that the boys or guys can take them more then girls. But i really didnt feel anything. And that it kind of got nasty when i had alot of it. I would try it to see if you like it but dont drink alot then run around. Not really good for your health. Look up the affects of it.. hope this helps. = )

theyre worth buying as they do keep you awake and alert but make sure you dont get hooked on em cus £1.50 a pop is a lot for a energy drink!but yes they keep me awake :p


I have had some before but it doesnt seem to work just seems like a normal energy drink

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