Is Orangina really meant to be shaken?!

Question: Is Orangina really meant to be shaken!?
I told my uncle to shake it before opening the bottle (the label said you can), so he started singing "la cucaracha" and shaking it up!. Then when he opened it, it exploded all over the table!. My brother and I were cracking up, but I was kinda irritated that they claim you can shake it!.!.
Does anyone else have that problem!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Orangina has to be shaken in order to be fully enjoyed since the pulp sinks to the bottom of the bottle - but it should be shaken gently!. I agree that the command to "SHAKE IT!" is misleading since the exclamation mark implies that one should shake it with gusto!.

I once over-shook the bottle to my dismay - orangina is very hard to find in my area, and orangina all over the kitchen floor made me want to write a blues song!.


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