Is there a hot version of the starbucks shaken iced tea lemonade? aka just regular tea?!

Question: Is there a hot version of the starbucks shaken iced tea lemonade!? aka just regular tea!?
At starbucks, I know that on the menu they have the shaken iced tea lemonade, and i love the black tea and the passion tea versions but since winter is coming around i would like something warm!. I also know they have a tazo tea item that is on the hot drinks side of the menu, but what kind of tea is used for that!? Can any kind be used!?

What exactly is in it!? Or is it just the tea bag and hot water!? Im guessing it wouldn't be sweetened, so do i ask them to put something in to sweeten it or do i do that myself!? How would i ask for that!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Does this help!?!?


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