Do you believe the type of coffee you drink shows a lot about you and your personality?!

Question: Do you believe the type of coffee you drink shows a lot about you and your personality!?
Oh god yes! The same with what you add to your coffee!.!.!.

At work the more intense people drink the extra bold dark!. Black, no sugar or cream!. I notice that those types (the no sugar, no cream types) tend to NOT be into trying new things!.!.!.They like every thing to stay the same!. No to change!. AND, they generally have more than four cups a day! And probably a few cups before they leave the house, before they can even get to work!

The people who drink the decaf do NOT like to be surprised by news!. They are also big about watching what they eat and are kind of picky, not so much about health, but about personal control!. They have a high potential to fly off the handle if things aren't done by the numbers!.!.!.

The people who drink the flavored coffee love to laugh!.!.!. especailly the extreme flavored, like cinnamon pastry!. If there is just a hint of flavor, like hazel nut, they don't tend to be as out there, but they are more sociable than the dark roast types!.

One or two sugars, one cream people, are very calm, happy people who don't like to rock the boat!.

People who add more than two sugars are speed freak types! They love feeling AWAKE and ALIVE!.!.!. if they add flavored creamer, they are the types who mainly are drinking the coffee for the condiments!.!.!.they aren't really drinking the coffee as part of the day, they are drinking it as dessert, so, generally one cup will do!.!.!. Those types don't drink a lot of coffee, but when they do it's all about the sweet!. (This is me!)

If you came to my work, you'd notice this is what the set up is like for coffee drinking!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

no----but I can tell a lot about someone the way they order and then drink their coffee!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

yes!.!.!.but I havent determined how to tell what kind of coffee's go with what!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

yes i do

(i don't even drink coffee)

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