Can Anyone Help I'm doing a report on Italian mineral water/natural water, help me with the info?!

Question: Can Anyone Help I'm doing a report on Italian mineral water/natural water, help me with the info!?
Here's what I need to more:

1!. History/Historical origin of the Italian Mineral and Natural Water!.
2!. Original geographic location and it's possible migration!.
3!. Mineral and Natural water description, and how it's made!.
4!. Famous brand names!.
5!. Prices, and where you can buy it!.
6!. Cultural Significance (holidays)
7!. Most Common or famous uses of Mineral and Natural Water!.
8!. Any Nutritional virtues!.

the more detail/info the better I GIVE BEST ANSWER!!! thank you in advance :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

1)The oldest source( that is bottled) is from the same spring that Julius Caesar drank from,( Ferrarelle)!.
3)Mineral ( such as Fiuggi) has mineral properties believed to be healthy for you!. Natural is just untampered the way it came out of the spring( both are usually not treated)!.One just is naturally higher in minerals ( harder)!.
4) Ferrarelle!. Pellegrino, San Benedetto, Fiuggi, Sole' , and Panna are the most popular Italian waters!.
5) prices range( depending on where you buy them) between $1!.99 and $2!.99 per liter!. Fiuggi( still water) is usually the most expensive!.
6!? Never heard of it and I'm Italian( but it may have some significance on holidays( in some regions)!.
7) With Fiuggi, Italians believe it has medicinal properties!.What they are, no one knows!. Old wives tale!? Maybe!.
8) Nutritional values are whatever minerals are in the water!. Different sources have different minerals!.

I only looked up Ferrarelle and I had to do the rest from memory!.
I've sold these water's for years and you hear all kinds of things!.
Some true and some not!.

( This may help)



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