What it is Brita pH balance?!

Question: What it is Brita pH balance!?
does any body knows by any change what it is the pH level of Brita water after being processed!? I am trying to compare Brita water with Fiji water which is 7!.5 pH!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Pure water has a neutral value of 7!.0!. Lower values indicate that a liquid is acid (an acid), higher values that it is alkaline (an alkali)!.

BRITA purposely decreases water hardness to improve the taste of drinking water!. As a result, the pH value of BRITA filtered water tends to be in the slightly acid range!.

The actual pH value of your BRITA water can depend on a number of factors, e!.g!., the current pH value of your water, the freshness of your filter, etc!. However, most websites that have posted values for water purified by BRITA indicated pH values between 5!.0 and 7!.0!.


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