Does a stovetop espresso maker work well?!

Question: Does a stovetop espresso maker work well!?
I'd like to be able to make espressos at home and i'm wondering what the best way to go for starters!. I've heard most low end machine espresso makers don't get the job done!. But what about the stovetop kind!?
If so what is a good brand!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I have a bialetti stove top pot!. IDK if the brand is too important since the stovetop pot is a relatively simple principle!. there are aluminum pots which are usually cheaper than stainless steel though!.
taste wise it's not the same as coffee shop espresso but its a good start if you want to make espresso at home!. I really enjoy it!. IMO you can get really good espresso from a stovetop pot if you are using fresh beans and grind them right before you brew!. It takes a little more time than a pump model but part of the enjoyment for me is leaving the lid up and watching the process happen!.
If you intend to eventually buy a pump model do your research first before spending the money!. there are a lot of crappy machines out there!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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