Question: Cream and Sugar? STRONG or weak?Flavored(Hazlenut,French Vanilla etc...)or Regular?

Answers: Cream and Sugar? STRONG or weak?Flavored(Hazlenut,French Vanilla etc...)or Regular?

kona coffee hazelnut with cream and sugar please! or kona coffee macadamia nut...i love 'em both!

Strong with cream and sugar please!


Regular w/ lots of creamer...

cream, weak, french vanilla

Milk Coffee


Regular with cream and sugar. Strong.

Cream, and lots of sugar. A boat load of sugar. I love Hazlenut flavoring with it too. My sister makes the best coffee int h emorning. I just love to wake up to that ambrosian smell of JAVA!

Strong with cream

If it's a great blend of coffee it doesn't need sweetened. Just cream for me! I love the taste of raw coffee brewed to perfection and cream make it almost a dessert for breakfast.

espresso .... no cream, no sugar ... maybe a small sliver of lemon peel

I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but in the Winter I'll have a cup or two. I like mine with Coffee Mate Creamer, and Sugar. The real sugar stuff, no artificial ones. And I do like the vanilla flavoring. Yummy! But not too often do I flavor my coffee. I don't like it strong, nor too weak. It has to be in the middle. And I love FOLDGERS coffee! I don't like the other brands...EXCEPT...for FARMERS that's some GOOD coffee there! Love it!

Funny cause in my coffee I like real sugar, but in my iced tea I have to have my Sweet N Low! I LOVE iced tea! That's my favorite drink. :-)

ice almond mocha with no added sugar, caramel at the bottom and whipped cream on the top!!! a good picker-upper!!

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