Good coffee drink?!

Question: I need a good coffee drink that I can make in the magic bullet!

=] Thanks!

Answers: I need a good coffee drink that I can make in the magic bullet!

=] Thanks!

Combine 3 peppermints and pour milk into the tall cup to the 1st line. Screw on the blade with 4 of the blades. Then take off the blade once you blend till you can't hear the peppermints breaking up. Put in microwave till the foamy milk goes to the top of the tall cup. Put in 2-3 TABLESPOONS of chocolate/cocoa mix and pour coffee in the tall cup until it reaches the top. Screw on the 4 blade thing and blend till the ingredients mix. Enjoy!

iced coffee with chocolate syrup topped off with whipped cream..YUMMY!!!!

Disolve 3 tablespoons of instant coffee , 2 to 3 packets of splenda, 1 envelope of rich hot chocolate with as little hot water as possible mix well ...pour mix in a quart sized jar then add 2% milk to the full get a glass add Ice (crushed or cubes) then fill your glass enjoy
BTW I dont know what a magic bullet is but I am sure this mix will work with anything this is very good drink i treat myself at least every other day if you use crushed Ice then you can use redi whip cream as a topper and dust with nutmeg use a straw

Add i glass milk
Blend all ingredients and Enjoy !!!!

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