Is 2 liters of water about 8 glasses of water?!

Question: cuz idont know if i can drink any

Answers: cuz idont know if i can drink any

It's about 8 1/2 glasses of 8 oz. of water (each glass).

Two liters is over a half gallon (64 oz.) that would be 5.3 coke cans of water.

If you are trying to figure out how many liters you should drink a day to get the '8 a day' ideal number, I would suggest you go for 2.5 liters.

Get a 500 ml bottle and make a point to drink it empty 5 times a day. This is suprisingly easy if you develop a 'sipping' habit. Or if you drink other products like teas and milks over the course of the day, just fill the 500 ml bottle 4 times.

Putting it in a smaller bottle makes it easier to take with you and less intimidating. Youll be able to do it with ease!

Good luck!

It is a little bit more.


If u r talking about a 250ml glass than sure


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