What are the best energy drinks?!

Question: what are the best energy drinks and where can you get them??

Answers: what are the best energy drinks and where can you get them??

Monster is my favorite, original and M-80. M-80 is more of a tropical juice flavor, while the original tastes more like pop. You can get them just about anywhere, grocery stores, gas stations.

the ones that taste the most like sugar!!!

monster is a good one, if you like mountain dew, i think you can buy it anywhere

Mt Dew Amp is my favorite. You can buy it at pretty much any store

Kick or Redbull u can get that in tescos

Honestly, the best energy drink is one you make at home with fresh ingredients, low sugar and lots of protein. Try making your own energy smoothie at home. It's not that hard to do and it's a lot better for you.

you can get them anywhere, usually convenience stores or gas stations. and the best kind is AMP or Full throttle, everything else tastes rancid.

The best energy drinks are probably lucozade or red bull.

All depends on what energy you want. Most energy (short form) is from a dose of sugar, then adding some caffeine will help you sustain it a bit. Steroids give you energy too, but like the others, they all have side effects. Google "sugar crash" to see what I mean. Viagra is another energy booster....

Redbull, it gives you wings!

Mt Dew Amp tastes reall good and it's available most everywhere already chilled in most cases

I would say MONSTER- it is so good and gets you pumped up or vitamin water

monster the blue can. I think you can get them anywhere

Monster original ( the green ) ... SOOOOO good!!! Monster assault is good too. You can buy them just about anywhere, from the gas station to Wal Mart.

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