7 up vs sprite vs sierra mist?!

Question: which is best...i think i am leaning towards 7up.

Answers: which is best...i think i am leaning towards 7up.

7 up dude it tastes sooo good and it dosent cost alot.
7 UP!!!!!!!!!!!111

7 up !

Come on....Sprite is a classic!!

Sierra Mist. 7up is sorta bitterish, and Sprite is sorta bland.

sierra mist & 7up taste the same to me but i like seirra mist better!



sierra mist has cancer causing chemicals in it.

I've been drinkin a lot of sierra mist lately.

sierra mist it like totally better

7up is the original and only one I would like.
The other two I have tried but they do not stand up to 7 up!

sprite zero

they all taste the same to me

I don't really like sierra mist, just because in Canada I've never seen it.
I usually go for sprite, but that's just because that's what all the stores sell.
It just depends where I'm at, since they're all pretty similar!

obey the thirst: sprite!!!

SPRITE!! :D So crisp and refreshing! GOSH I can't wait till Lent is over so I can have some pop!!

I would say 7 up and cherry 7 up is good also.

Sierra Mist...

7 up

One of the three master sodas,
and Dr Pepper

7-up is the best

Sierra mist is more refreshing out of the three. Sprite is more bland and is good if you're sick or have a UTI and 7up tastes more lemon-lime.

Sierra Mist =)


everyone liked seven up first, but when sprite like got a new look, or something, and now people like sprite

7up the UnCola

seirra mist. sprite jst tastes like carbonated water

7up. Especially after they tinkered with the formula and added "natural flavorings." It tastes just a tad more citrusy and I think makes it a little more interesting then sierra mist and sprite.

sprite and sierra mist

7up has many ways u can use it like for example for a drink or for ur plants and it comes in MANY discuting flavors

sprite is a classic and taste good with rootbeer

SIERRA MIST ROCKS altho its coping sprite its a better copy

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