Does anyone remember crytal clear pepsi? What ever happened to that?!

Question: I remember drinking that when I was younger but I haven't seen it in a long time. Does anybody know why they stopped making it???

Answers: I remember drinking that when I was younger but I haven't seen it in a long time. Does anybody know why they stopped making it???

Thats so funny you say that. I think people were thrown off by the color. Its a weird marketing campign to get people to drink it because coke had something else going at the same time.

BTW I checked on that FDA, cannot find it anywhere as to why that was the reason the government "pulled it off the market." According to the source listed below, it was pulled because it wasn't doing that well.

omg I loved that stuff, I dont know why they quit making it,

because it was pure and had no chemicals in it just good tasting goodness. The FDA pulled it off the shelves because people would no longer get sick without the toxic chemicals in it. The drug companies complained that less sick people would mean less drug sales and the pharmaceutical companies own the FDA.

I do remember that and I think now is the perfect time to put it back out again. The folks that remember it would purchase it again for that nostalgic feeling and those who were too young would be interested in it too.

In 1992, Pepsi tried to jump on a fitness bandwagon and introduced Crystal Pepsi to the masses. They wanted people to think that because it was “clear,” it was healthier. I don’t blame Pepsi for thinking this though… This was the same time that soap and cleaning products were also introduced in “clear form.” I guess you can say there was a Clear-Craze… or something.

Ah, the Superbowl commercial for Crystal Pepsi…. Van Halen’s “Right Now!” With crazy sporadic images of Crystal Clear Pepsi flying all over the screen.

The best part about crystal Pepsi, is it confused the consumer. Consumers who enjoyed a “Cola” would obviously buy a dark product. People who prefer Un-Cola would obviously buy a clear product (7-up, sprite, etc.) So Crystal Pepsi didn’t appeal to anyone…. My dad lived off of Pepsi, and he hated Crystal Pepsi. What is funny, is it taste exactly the same. If you say it tasted different, you’re lying, or are confused. It had the identical ingredients.

Not much more to write about Crystal Pepsi… other than it was a joke. But I must admit… I enjoyed drinking it.

Didn't someone find a syringe in a can of it? I just don't think it was popular enough.

But I was at the store the other day and came across a can of Tab.

How weird that you asked this question today. I was just wondering about it myself today. Are you in my head?This is a good question.

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