What is the most cups of coffee can you drink?!

Question: For me i can't drink more than 2 cups.

Answers: For me i can't drink more than 2 cups.

The most I have ever put back was a whole pot (which is technically 12 (8 ounce) cups. I would not suggest it however. It made me sicker than a dog. I normallly drink one or two, with the rare occassion drinking 3. Reminds me, I need to put on the coffee!

After three or four I start to feel sick... I don't think I've attempted more than that.

I can't drink more than 2 at a time without getting an upset stomach. I try not to drink more than 3 a day.

1 or 2

about 6 but I have to put cream in there.

4 cups.

I can only drink 3-4 a day but very slowly and with flavored creamer.


1 or I start feeling sick. I try to limit the intake of coffee; otherwise, I feel like I am on crack the whole day :-X

When I was in university, I relied on coffee and i could drink up to 12 cups in 24 hours. Of course, I had to build up my resistance to that and it only got that bad because 8 wasn't enough or whatever. After exams I would go cold turkey and when the semester restarted, I was at about 3 a day. Now I drink one and two makes me hyper and talkative.

see, i've already had one today.

P.S. Did you know you can overdose on caffeine?

My sister in laws friend can manage 7!!!!

I could go four but I stop myself at two .

2 per YEAR for me. and i'm being 100% serious

0 i dont like coffee

at once probably 2 or 3.

I have built up quite the tolerance to it. I can easily drink 8-10 cups a day.
I think it's about time for me to go grab a cup now.

I can drink 1 or 2 if it has creamer and sugar in it... if it is BLACK BLACK coffee then i won't drink 1/4 of the cup...

Not even one-quarter! What coffee does to me is what milk does to others!

The ONLY kind of coffee I can handle is frappuccino. I can enjoy without getting sick. But I limit to one bottle.

I got a story to tell:
This was before I would get sick off of coffee and used to be able to handle drinking it.
This was between Christmas '94 and New Year '95. I was going on 19. I drank a WHOLE pot of coffee. I reckon it was maybe the 8-cup kind. And I drank this ALL in a SINGLE sitting. But guess what the sad thing was. All it did was make me use the washroom lots. I had absolutely NO caffeine high. NOTHING gives me caffeine high, and cannot get hyper off sugar either!

In a day, usually 3-4 cups (and my cups are about the size of 2 regular cups). I'm cracking up at everyone flipping that they know someone who can drink an entire pot of coffee in a day. In my 25 years of life, I've never seen my mother go a day without coffee. While other people think 6-7 cups a day is excessive, I kid you not, my mother literally drinks 6-7 POTS of coffee, per day. My mother is highly addicted to coffee. She needs it in the morning, she needs it in the after noon, and at night. When she's leaving the house she pours some in a travel cup. I've even seen her outside working in the yard, in 80 degree weather, with a cup of coffee next to her.

I have actually had a whole pot before, but it made me sick as a dog. 2-3 is my limit.

i've never tried more than one at a time b/c i don't drink it really for the caffeine. i drink it b/c my dad got me hooked on it when i was 5. i put a lot of sugar in it though.

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