What would you pick: Pepsi or Coke?!

Question: i would pick the pepsi any day.

Answers: i would pick the pepsi any day.

Pepsi babe.
coke has way too much fizz and sugar for it to taste as good. i would drink it if i didn't have pepsi though!
love you babe



coke. because pepsi is for people from florida who play soccer

Pepsi for sure, Coke has this strange after-taste imo.

Yuk, Pespi has a funny after taste, i prefer Coke!

None of your business.


coke it has more fizz

Coke over Pepsi, for sure! But ginger ale for preference.

Definitely ALWAYS Pepsi - it is the true REAL THING! Love it!!!! :)


Pepsi... because it's a classic.

Coke came first anyway ( i think)

I'm from the South, definitely Coke! Did you know we call all soft drinks Coke? Don't know why buy we do!

Little trivia there for ya! :)

Have a good day!

Pepsi burns too much- I like Coke.

pepsi definitely.
coke is too fizzy.
i can't stand it.

Definitly Pepsi, Coke has way too much sugar to even taste good

Coke. Pepsi tastes like every other generic brand cola.

None. Think about it. You are drinking a black liquid that has no nutritional value. If you drink too much it can make you sick. Why bother.

pepsi for its overall taste, coke for its accessibility

pepsi ,there many different flavour !!

Coke. Pepsi is a cheap imitation of Coke. Not to mention the polar bears are awesome.

pepsi tastes the same slightly cheaper and less sugar

always have chosen Pepsi ... Coke taste is "strange"

coke it like family drink to my family we Love it so munch and the coke products too.

OMG this question was asked if not hundreds million times.

none firstly they taste exactly the same!!

Coke man!!!!!


i like Pepsi it has a goo taste.
not as sweet as coke.

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