Who drives the red bull mini coopers?!

Question: what do u have 2 do 2 drive 1?

Answers: what do u have 2 do 2 drive 1?

These are typically young, gregarious, outgoing people who used to be called Mobile Energy Teams (or MET) but are now called Wiiings Teams. They will go to all types of events for sampling of full cans of Red Bull Energy Drink. They are employed by Red Bull on usually part time basis and often have teams running on 24/7 formats.


work for the company

They are more than likely merchandiser or sales reps for Red Bull. They visit all the retail outlets in their area to make sure the product is being displayed properly and visibly, that any marketing campaigns (posters, etc...) are up to date, pricing and talk with the shop owners/managers to see if there is anything else they would like concerning Red Bull products.

You would probably have to work for the local distributor or dealer for Red Bull in order to drive one - it would be a work vehicle.

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