Why are energy drinks bad for you?!

Question: i need energy drinks cuz i need energy every day, but i heard it is bad for your body, i kno it has alot of sugar, but i need the energy, im 13 i always go 2 skool tired and ever since i dranked a rockstar i have been up and ready for skool, should i keep drinking energy drinks?

Answers: i need energy drinks cuz i need energy every day, but i heard it is bad for your body, i kno it has alot of sugar, but i need the energy, im 13 i always go 2 skool tired and ever since i dranked a rockstar i have been up and ready for skool, should i keep drinking energy drinks?

Sounds like everybody that's answered so far pretty much agrees that you shouldn't be drinking energy drinks. It does sound like you are not getting enough vitamins, so try taking a teen multivitamin, as well as eating more fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, cutting back on sugary stuff (candy, soda, gum, etc.), and get more exercise (try playing Dance Dance Revolution if you don't want to give up your video games). Drink more water, for you probably about 5 20-oz. bottles a day (just grab one and keep refilling it at water fountains). The water thing is a very hard habit to get into, but after a week or two you will start to crave water like it's crack. Try apples, oranges, and nuts for snacks, eat a bowl of oatmeal or grits for breakfast, a ham or turkey sandwich on wheat or whole-grain white bread for lunch (don't drench the sandwich in mayo or mustard or whatever you put on it), and eat some grilled chicken with whole kernel corn or some type of beans, a dinner roll, and broccoli for dinner (just a sample menu).
Another thing that you're probably not going to like (because i KNOW I didn't in high school) is GET MORE SLEEP. Go to bed an hour or two earlier and wake up half and hour earlier and EAT BREAKFAST.
I'm not going to lie; it is extremely hard to get into habits like these, but it's well worth it.
And to answer your question about energy drinks, they are not regulated by the FDA because they are considered to be in a category of supplements; that is, they are generally "natural" medicines that don't make any claims about curing any disease/disorder/condition. They are loaded with unnecessary amounts of caffeine, guarana and taurine (both of which contain very high amounts of caffeine), sugar, and food additives. Sugar (in anything; not just energy drinks) causes all kinds of wonderful problems, mainly making your pancreas work overtime to try to regulate your blood sugar levels, which is why diabetics can't have sugar (their pancreas doesn't work right; it won't produce enough insulin to get rid of all the sugar in your blood). This makes you gain weight, makes your heart work harder to pump your thickened blood (which causes major heart problems that you don't notice now, but you definitely will later on in life), and makes you fatigued (way beyond tired), among other problems that you can read about elsewhere (try the Mayo Clinic website--very good source).
So in the end, do what you parents, doctors, teachers, etc. have been telling you for years: eat your fruits and veggies, exercise, drink more water, and cut the crap (out of your diet and your attitude).

*note to you*: as a 21-year-old college student that just recently took this advice to heart, i can definitely tell you that they were right all along. . .*darn it*.

In most energy drinks, caffeine levels are higher than the FDA limit for sodas, which is 65 mg of caffeine per 12 ounces. The FDA does not regulate caffeine in energy drinks, some of which, like Cocaine, contain huge amounts of caffeine: 280 mg in an 8.4-ounce serving, compared with about 100 mg per 6 ounces in coffee.
Theyenot Necessarily bad for you,But they shouldnt be used as Alternatives to other drinks that can give you an energy boost,like orange juice ect.
Some Studies have Shown that the amount of caffeine in energy drinks really put a damper on your liver and kidneys.
Everyhing is good In Moderation.
Even Energy Drinks.

You shouldn't be drinking that crap when you're 13. If you don't have enough energy then you're probably not getting enough vitamins from the food you're eating, or you aren't getting enough sleep (8-10 hours for teens). Caffeine stunts your growth and really isn't good for you.

Not trying to sound funny but you shouldn't be lacking energy especially at your age. Energy drinks are ok on the odd occasion and even if you do drink it everyday your body will get used to it and you will find yourself having 2 cans then 3 and so forth just to up your energy.

Rather look at your eating habits first and if you feel they are fine then you definitely need to go for a check up as this could be diabetes. In this case you HAVE to stay off the energy drinks.

From the point of view of the UK, the very upper limit for a caffeine intake per 24 hours is no more than 1 full gram of Caffeine in any form. For an adult, no more than 600mg per day is recommended. At 13 years old, your caffeine tolerance limit is going to be much much lower, around 300mg per day upper limit of 500mg), so you need to be careful; a couple of energy drinks will put you dangerously close to the limit.

The effects of a caffeine overdose include sweating, palpataions (feelings like your heart is trying to break out of your chest), irregular heartbeat, vomiting, overalertness, insomnia and headache.

I would stop using energy drinks if you can, but if not, keep a check on how much caffeine is in those drinks.

It should tell you on the can.

Best of luck.

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