Why does cold Coca-Cola Zero from a can foam so much when you pour it over ice into a glass?!

Question: Listen carefully, it's saying "Where's the rum, where's the rum?"

Answers: Listen carefully, it's saying "Where's the rum, where's the rum?"

It's a side effect of the monkey poop

because it's CHEMICAL thats why it has no calories its just fake and that why it fizzes more.

Because it's been in a can for a while, and when it finally comes out, it foams. No idea why ice makes it foam more

The cold of the ice kills the evil pixies they trap in the can for flavour. Pixies foam when they die.

hahaha.......like the answers given so far, but it's not the truth. The best way to drink is a coke is the let it chill, then serve ya-self. Any type of soda that you pour over ice will foam if it's not chilled. It could be pepsi, dr pepper, fanta, rootbeer, walmart brand, sams brand, etc. Stop the madness, with the fake information YA members.

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