How can i make a milkshake?!

Question: Cream, ice cream, milk, blender, sugar, ice.
Good Luck!

Answers: Cream, ice cream, milk, blender, sugar, ice.
Good Luck!

put milk and ice cream in blender. blend. profit

there are lots of milkshake recipes here. :D you should try some out. they're delicious!

take some milk, prefferebly %1. Poor it in a glass, put one of your hands or both over the glass and shake.

try putting vanilla ice cream and a little milk together and blend enjoy

I usually don't have a blender so this is what I do. I take a 16 oz glass and fill it half way with ice cream (you may want to let it soften up if it is really frozen, don't let it get melted). Then I take 4 oz of milk and slowly start to mix it with the ice cream. I keep adding milk little by little until it is the right thickness for me (if it gets too thin add a little more icecream.) Sometimes I like it really thick and sometimes really thin.

My Mom taught me this way. I don't know if it is right but I like the end results....mmmmm.

ice cream....milk....blender

If your making a milkshake for yourself only, dont bother with a blender, its too much hassel to clean up. All you really need is Milk, and Ice Cream. Just mix it by hand with a spoon. And you can make any flavor you want all you have to do is add it in the mix.
SO there you have it, hope it helps bring all the boys to the yard.

half glass of lemonade scoop of ice cream kids love it.

Ice Cream + Milk + Ice + Blender

Ice, Ice cream and assorted fruits into a bender with chocolate or sweets! hey presto.

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