Have you ever drink goat milk?!

Question: yes i get it when i was baby

Answers: yes i get it when i was baby

I have tried goats milk and it is gross.

Yes, its delicious and very fattening. :)

stick to COW milk. goat milk is GROSSSSSS!!!!

Yup , tasted like chicken to me :))

Do not like too much got a kind of earthy taste and we should remind ourselves we are drinking what was inside a goat and came out of its teats. Not bad though considering! good question you have my vote.

yeah, it's good, you can get it at whole foods, or a trader joes. I think its better than cows.

Its good for babies with allergies, and immature taste buds. Its gross.

No, I dare not because I can't stand goat cheese.

When I was younger my aunt used to raise goats for milk. I drank a lot of it. I thought it tasted just like whole cow's milk. It was raw milk and had to be consumed in a few days or it would go bad. I wouldn't hesitate to drink it again.

My daughter drink it when she was a baby because she could not drink baby formulas and she gained a lot of weight at four months she weight 34 pounds.


I don't like it, but I use goats yogurt in my smoothies for breakfast. You add the fruit and can't taste the goat's milk. I like goat cheese though.

Tried it once. Ugh!!! Not for me.

the goat milk from the store is super gross, but when i was a kid, we had two goats and their milk was soooo good! I think that as long as it is fresh, "raw" milk, it is just as good, if not better than, cows milk.

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