What are some unique flavors of japanese soda?!

Question: i need it for a school project!

Answers: i need it for a school project!

There is a milk flavored soda called Calpis soda and there is also good non carbonated drink called Pocari sweat. Pocari Sweat is a lightly flavored type of Gatorade. It's one of the most popular soft drinks there and you can buy it here in some Asian markets. Other non-soda drinks are the so-called "genki" drinks, which are mostly caffein, ginsing and vitamin B. They have just started to take off here in the US as Energy drinks.

Canned coffee is also very popular and sold in vending machines either hot or cold.

A good Wiki link is here for more japanese drinks:


well I know they have tropical fruits fanta, and bubble gum fanta

My fav Japanese soda is Ramune. It comes in a cool bottle with a glass marble at the top instead of a cap. Very cool. It comes in 6 flavors - the most unusual of which are lychee (which is delish!), and I've heard they also have wasabi and a curry version - but I've never had those.

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