Whats ya time plz and would u like a coffee or tea?!

Question: im in the UK England and its 06.05pm and im haveing a coffee has i dont like tea.Whats on TV for you tonight?

Answers: im in the UK England and its 06.05pm and im haveing a coffee has i dont like tea.Whats on TV for you tonight?

Hi mags, i live in dorset, england don't know whats on tv tonight as i went out to play bingo tonight for the first time, the time now is 9.37pm, i like coffee best

Im in Uk too

I like tea best and we're goin to see some local bands tonite so no tv for us

Oh, but right noe we're watching dog the bounty hunter

Well mags im in ireland not very far from ya at all, same time, but im having coffee( fifth cup today), havent checked to see whats on at all tonight, might just put a dvd on and have a beer, lol.

I'm in Spain its 7:11.

I hate coffee (even refuse to kiss my boyfriend after hes drunk it =P) so I'll go for tea =)
But I'd rather hot chocolate.

I have no idea whats on TV I havnt watched it for like, 4 months.
But I have Sky TV =)

I am watching Wales Tonight at the moment and drinking tea, thank you.

UK also.
I don't drink coffee anymore, and try to avoid tea.
Don't watch tv lol!

no tea or coffee thanx 4 askin.

I'm in the Midlands, 6.15 p.m.
Can I have hot chocolate, too?
TV will be "Eastenders" and then whatever himself wants to fall asleep in front of, while I disappear upstairs to the bedroom with the computer to play.

Heartbeat on ITV3

I'm UK too!

and can I have a mug of hot chocolate plz (2 sugars ^^)!

I'm helping at my Youthclub at the moment and we are watching and listening to MTV hits.

i am in italy and it is...7:36 p.m. i like tea better. "the office" is on right now.

It's 1:05pm here in Texas and I'd like tea please. We'll be watching American Idol.

nice cup o char in a china cup.. just watched emmerdale

I'm in the UK and I would love some peppermunt tea, its 6.52am, and tonight I will be having a night night in watching a film I taped last week

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