Do you prefer your tea hot or cold and why?!

Question: I couldnt choose, iced tea is delicious but then (in british accent)a good hot cup of tea is splendid

Answers: I couldnt choose, iced tea is delicious but then (in british accent)a good hot cup of tea is splendid

hot with splenda because i just do

Hot...because that's the way tea should be.

Hot. It just feels so good going down my throat. Plus it's just nice to sit down with a nice hot cup of tea.

i prefer my tea hot because it just taste much better like that!!!

Iced tea is really yummy.
Long island tea cocktail even better (mmmmmmm)

I tend to let my tea cool down even if it is hot.

Why? I don't like anything too hot on my teeth (& I hardly drink coffee either)
My favourite beverage is Coka a cola (cold of course) :o)

Cold because when I'm thirsty I can drink it faster than hot tea.

depends on the tea w/ chai (my fav!) i like it cold
why...hum...i don't know i think it seems more flavorful that way.

Hot in the winter, cold in the summer, and with lemon only.

Some days hot with milk and sugar. Some days iced with lemon. Always strong. Just depends on my mood.

It depends. If it's during the day and I want something quick or if it's hot, I prefer cold tea to drink. But if it's night or I want to feel relaxed, I drink it hot because it makes me feel comfortable while I'm drinking it.

I don't drink tea OR coffee. They taste like shite.
I drink WATER, unless I want to get intoxicated...then I drink beer or vodka.

Why drink a nasty beverage for caffeine, when there's caffeine PILLS???

prefer tea hot. i love to add milk and sugar to it. yummy!

hot tea

cld..iced tea rocks!! especially mango or peach or starwberry!! add lots of sugar and u got a real winning drink!

Hot tea because it is soothing, but iced during summer because it is refreshing.

I love hot tea,strong that has just been made, with just a little ice. I drink it with a straw. love it this way regardless of the temp outside. Incidentally, I have read that tea (both black and green) do have some health benefits(antioxidants)and you can buy decaf. I don't usually drink tea after it has been refridgerated since I like it hot, but a friend suggested I warm it in the microwave if it is cold!

Summer not..... Winter hot...

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