Pepsie or Coke? I chose Pepsie.?!

Question: Pepsi!!!!

Answers: Pepsi!!!!


I choose "pepsi"

Coke...pepsi is just nasty.

COkE! and btw, it's "pepsi"..

Coke. Def!

I choose Coke...not PEPSI.



If I have a choice, Pepsi. But Coke is ok, too. Coke is a little too strong.

oh thanks a whole lot !!!PEPSI!!!

Code Red or Cherry Pepsi

thats stupid

coke. there's something not right with pepsi

I hate both. They both taste disgusting and similar. They are too bubbly and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too sweet and HORRIBLE! YUCK!

Coke = that f*cken great crisp taste down your throat and that bubbly feeling you get them its chugged down.

Pepsi = its like drinking a cup of sugar and when your done you get that sugary feeling in your mouth which isnt good to know and you know its going to mess up your teeth.

I prefer Coke Classic - no diet stuff either - to Pepsi. Pepsi is flat tasting and too syrupy sweet to me.

Coke. Pepsi tends to be sweeter and coke already has enough sugar to make the chihuahua run up the wall

Coke, but Mountain Dew is my fav which is a Pepsi product

both contain pesticides


Coke, but my fav is Cherry Coke


Most of the time it's Coke.

I do get on a Pepsi kick.

But right now my kick is Sprite.

Diabetic, so condemned to the sugar free ones:

Pepsi Max as found in Australia

Coke Zero, also in Australia (in many countries it is re-named Diet Coke). It does tatse better than Diet Coke!

Either is good, but slight Max preference.

Uh, I like both. But sometimes pepsi gives a really odd aftertaste and sometimes coke is just not as strong as I would want my pop.
But I had to choose...I'd chose coke.

Pepsi all day it has the better bite after the first gulp mmmm it hits you right there.

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