Do u like EGGNOG?!

Question: Do u like eggnog, it's a weird question but do you? lol, I don't XD

Answers: Do u like eggnog, it's a weird question but do you? lol, I don't XD

I Love Eggnog-even though I never drink it. RANDOM!!


no way.. I imagine elf c*m tastes the same way!

Yes.Do you have any raccoons? We had 3,until they grew up and left.We would leave the window open so they could come and go,and 1 day,they didn't come back.We lived in the country then.

Never tried it not planning to either

No its gross.

I love it, especially when I make it at home

I've never tried it but it just does'nt appeal to me :/

i agree with u i hate eggnog lol

i think it tastes like raw eggs with a hint of expired ugar, milk and a weird aftertaste of alcohol

yea....the bomb

It depends who makes it, what they put in it, and what kind of mood im in. the last christmas party that i went to, i did'nt like it :(

traditionaly eggnog is called "ron pope" or the "popes rum", the original recepie was made with rum. in regards to your question, yes i do like eggnog.-blurey

only around the holidays...


yep, I love it, but only drink it between November and January

I love eggnog.

Yes of course! It's thick, creamy, delicious, and sweet! It makes you want more and more. If someone puts it into the frig., you wanna get it out and drink the whole thing by yourself!

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