Should water bottled be allowed in class?!

Question: I have to do this report for school and i need some ideas so if you have any please let me know.

Answers: I have to do this report for school and i need some ideas so if you have any please let me know.

I will give you both sides in the answer:
Water is important, if someone gets thirsty, why should they have to ask the teacher to go get a drink of water? it is a disruption, and plus, the person getting the water might miss an important part of a lecture.
someone could hide alcohol in it, or could cause a mess by spilling it, also, it might pose as a distraction for other students trying to pay attention to the teacher when you drink it.

Yes it should

yes, you need water to live, and its not like gatorade or other drinks, where when you spilll its all sitcky

well we weren't allowed to when I was in school. 1) if it spilled it could cause damage. 2) students could put alcohol in the bottle and drink in class which then become a liability issue for the school. 3) more bathroom breaks which means more classroom disruptions.

I think they should!
1. Because during class, students could get parthed
2. it would stop intruptions in class by asking if they could get a drink of water.
3. some students my have health issues and it would be best to have a fresh bottle of water on had with them at all times.

I think they shouldnt!

1. it could spill and make a mess!
2. it could also disrupt class if the person sips the watter loudly!
3. people could leave there bottle on the ground without throwing them in the garbage, creating mess in the class.

well, i gave you both sides of what i thought..

i hope this helps! XD

Well it depends what class you are in.
If you are in computer class whY would you bring liquids close to computers/laptops it would be really stupid of anyone to do that. in the lab would be stupid too.
I think it would be okay if you were in other classes.

was not allowed at my school, but it should be because I was like constantly getting up to go to the water fountain.

yes just incase u are really thirsty.

Yes because if not there will be children wanting to go get a drink of water in the middle of a lecture.

it should because it is neccesary to live but as long as it is on the floor newt to you u should be fine

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