Is Redbull bad for?!

Question: im drinking about 4-5 cans a day. its so bad, if i dont have one i feel like crap

Answers: im drinking about 4-5 cans a day. its so bad, if i dont have one i feel like crap

i know how you feel.
i am the same way about coffee.
you should cut down a little bit.
it dehydrates you a lot.
my friend drank a couple red bulls and then passed out
because he was so dehydrated.
so maybe like cut down a half can a day.
try to make it one can a day.
thats not too bad.

only if u drink so much like 10 cans lol

i think it is quite high in calories. sounds like you are getting addicted if you have to have them to feel good. get some sleep-its much better than sugar filled fizzy drinks.

you can die from too much energy drinks

I don't think it's good to have that much sugar and caffeine in one day, I think you might be addicted to them, I know when I drink them I start to crave more and when i drink them everyday I crave it. and feel tired without one... maybe your body is withdrawing from the caffeine, You should take the money you spend on red bull and buy you self something else instead, like a gift to yourself for not drinking them. you'll start to feel you have more natural energy when you lay off the red bull, and you'll have more money...Good luck!

Yes it can be bad. The ammount of caffien in the drink is quiet high.
I do like RedBull but I wouldnt drink more then 2 cans a day.

As you said 'If I dont have one I feel like crap'

Thats your body craving for the addiction crap within the drink

thats quite bad

it's because it's high in sugar and has TONS of caffeine

You're addicted to the caffeine. If you're sensitive to caffeine, this can wreck havoc with your blood pressure. Are the cans spread out during the day? This would lessen the effects. As other answers have mentioned, feeling bad is because of the addiction. Let me guess, you have a really bad headache, focussed on the front of your head. I drink one can of Monster a day, on my way home from work. It's a tedious 45 minute drive. If your blood pressure is high or even borderline, you should try to cut back. Drink 4 for a couple of weeks, then 3, then 2. Space them out, and your body will get over the crappy feeling.

it has a lot of sugar, that's about it.

Its bad for you and of course you feel bad if you dont take it. Your body is use to it

Stop drinking Red Bull! excessive amount of caffiene have been known to cause serious damage to the heart and kidneys! also caffiene dehydrates. so drink lots of water (but don't chug it. if you do it won't do you any good) limit your caffiene intake to one beverage a day.

are you aware that red bull contains a meat product called taurine??hence the name red bull??

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