Is there any different between bottled water and tap water?!

Question: The price

Answers: The price

about £1.50

the taste. mineral water tastes BETTER. &i think it might be safer too

the state says no

Bottled water hasn't been recycled from your local water treatment plant

yes the price and the snobbery value

Bottled water has a best before date on it.

bottled is 50 - 1.50p and damaging to the environment with waste plastics ...

None except the price and possibly the amount of trace minerals.

nope, but foolish people buy it

Tap water one tenth of a penny - Bottled water up to One pound per litre

not at all i once saw someone put it to the test and ask a few people if they could tell the difference and guest what most the people thought that tap water was the bottle and vice verse.
Check this out. Bottled water is a complete ripoff, tap water is proably cleaner and better for you,

There is some difference in that in many areas, fluoride is added to the tap water as a means to improve public dental health. This remains a controversial issue in the health, freedoms and rights of the individual. Tap water may contain various types of natural but relatively harmless contaminants such as scaling agents like calcium carbonate in hard water and metal ions such as magnesium and iron, and odoriferous gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Local geological conditions affecting groundwater are determining factors of the presence of these substances in water.

Personally I prefer tap to bottled still water which seems very 'dead'. I do like the sparkling type though, its like fizzy drink without the sugar.

The water you drink from your tap is different from water you drink out of a bottle. It's hard to say which is healthier though. They say some bottle water is really taken from the tap (but that's still not going to be the same as your tap water.) Also, one of the dangers of bottled water that you don't get from tap water is the plastic itself, which, especially if it is a beat up bottle, can leach synthetic materials into the water. I think the best way to go is to buy a really good water filter, but that will be expensive.

not in taste just costs more

Very few bottled waters are actually "mineral" water (and the benefits of mineral water are debateable). Pepsi recently was forced to admit that their Aquafina bottled water comes straight out of the tap at their bottling plants.

Bottled water, typically, has been purified. If you are travelling and unsure about the quality of local water, bottled water might be a good idea. But if you are at home and used to the tap water of your town, then no reason to buy water. Now if you have a well, it kind of depends. Well water can be very good for you and have lots of minerals. On the other hand it can have unhealthy impurities too. A friend of mine was almost rejected from his physical for the U.S. Airforce because they thought he had a medical problem, and it turns out, it was something harmless in his well water that looks on an X-Ray like a problem. Well water can also become contaminated with chemicals from farm fields if they are not properly applied, etc. So, if you have a well, and your water quality is not good, maybe you should drink bottled water?

Remember, Evian spelled backwards is naive.

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