What is a virgin martini?!

Question: No idea... Did you see that somewhere? Because I didn't think you could do that... :D

Answers: No idea... Did you see that somewhere? Because I didn't think you could do that... :D

no booze, everything else remains according to the recipe

lol ok a martini is either gin or vodka with or w/out vermouthe, with an olive, onion, or lemon twist, so....

and onion, olive, or lemon twist LOL

It's a regular martini but instead of alchohol, you use water

virgin martinis=no alcohol
virgin daquiries=no alcohol
virgin margaritas= no alcohol
all the preparations minus the alcohol
I wish I'd stuck to virgin drinks a long time ago!
daquiries=alcohol =3 drunk driveings
margaritas=alcohol =a trip to jail for fighting
=36 days in jail for stealing my
belongings back from the neighbor
who took them to begin with.
all together, actually 6 trips to jail.
I'm a recovering alcoholic, wish I would've stuck to the virgin drinks.

no alcohol and don't forget the olive.

it tastes like a martini, tastes liek it has alcohol but ti doesnt ahve it in it so its a virgin b/c you cant get drunk form it

no alcohol, its like watery fruit puch GAY!

If you want the taste but not the punch, you can add lime juice or limeade instead of water to replace the alcohol...

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