Tea makers - Do you put the milk in when the teabag is still in the cup?!

Question: I leave my teabag in for a while, take it out and then add the milk as I believe the milk stops it brewing.

My mother-in-law just shows the cup the teabag before she whips it back out and it tastes like cack.

How do you make your tea?

Answers: I leave my teabag in for a while, take it out and then add the milk as I believe the milk stops it brewing.

My mother-in-law just shows the cup the teabag before she whips it back out and it tastes like cack.

How do you make your tea?

No way. The milk molecules stop the tea from penetrating through the tea bag into the water.

I'm a tea addict. 10 cups a day lol.

No No No No No omg NO !

i let my tea brew then add milk with the teabag still in and stir it

i saw my nan do it so i thought nan knows best!

i used to let it bew then take it out before adding milk

but i definatly make sure the teabag brews before adding the milk

I drink black tea and very rarely use teabags. I find tea leaves have a much better flavour.

I leave the teabag in for a while, then stir it, then leave it again. I like it like tar. I always add the milk afterwards, cos if you add the milk while the bag is still in, then the water is too cool to make a good strong brew.

i do it exactly how you make it!
I don't like mixing the milk with the tea bag, it gives it a strange tatse! :)

The milk will stop it brewing to a certain extent because the temperature will drop rapidly which will leave the contents of the cup in a less excited state.

I put teabag in cup, then water, teabag out, milk in.

1. Boil the kettle
2. Pick up cup, put sugar in cup
3. Put the teabag in cup
4. Add hot water to the cup
5. Add milk
6. Wait a few seconds then stir

Lovely cuppa ^_^

leave the teabag in, take it out, put sugar in and then milk! i hate when people put milk in with teabag, it clogs up the teabag n stops it from brewing.

Yes, leave teabag in for a bit, then put the milk in once the teabag is taken out.

sugar, teabag, milk and then the hot water, leave to mush and da dar a lovely cup of char!

well I never add mik while the teabag is in the cup.. After bag is removed. But tea made in teapot is always better,, Let it brew for a while.. sugar and milk in cup, then pour tea. Always seems to taste better.

if you put milk in while teabag still in you only get half a mug full

teabag in mug, water in mug, teabag out of mug, milk to the top of mug, sit down and enjoy

dead easy

No, no, no, if you want to do that I suggest you move to the American colonies, that is the sort of thing they do.

What ever happened to the good old fashioned teapot??? They are used for making a brew.

Milk first, boil water and when boiled add bag to cup and pour on boiling water, flash it around a bit......sorry but Im a bit like your mum in law.....remove, drink....aaagghhhhhh love a good old cuppa. My mum and my aunt though......leave the bag in for what seems like minutes, then add just a drop of milk....ooooh its so strong....nasty.

Everyone likes their tea in different way and sometimes most people just do what ever they are bought up being show how to do it ..

I let the tea brew a little in the the hot water then add the milk then squeeze the tea bag then take it out ...

I dont like it when the tea bag has been taken out before the milk !

In our country we use tea leaves..steps to make tea
1) Boil water
2) once water is boiling..add tea leaves
3) once the leaves leave enough color..add sugar
4) now add milk
5) bring it to a boil
now serve in cups..use a tea strainer :)

Let the tea brew first, take the tea bag out, then add the milk.

I always find if you add milk in whilst the tea bag is still in the cup then it doesn't brew properly and tastes like gnats piss lol.

NO! You get a soggy teabag.... Well I dont anyway

Never ever put the milk in first.. it clogs the pores of the teabag & u dont get proper brew!

My mothers tea tastes like cack too.... but thats coz she buys cheap stuff & puts it in the expensive box! lol

i agree with you milk goes in after if you want it to taste like tea!

Yep, just like how you make it!

Heaven's no!

With boiling hot water, Steep the tea for two but no more than three minutes. (Or the tea may be bitter).

Take out the tea bag squeezing it against a spoon and then apply your milk. If you leave the teabag in it while applying the milk, that could make the tea bitter also.

I know people who make tea like your mother-in-law....I think they may aswell save money on tea bags and just drink hot water and milk. I'm very particular about my cuppa.... I like it very strong. The tea has to brew for a couple of mins and the bag has to be removed BEFORE adding the milk. I once heard that the fat molecules in the milk are big enough to clog up the holes in the tea bag and stop any further brewing....I don't know if this is true or not but I do know that tea just tastes crap if the milk is put in before the bag is taken out. Perhaps it is just because the milk cools the water down too much 4 it to brew?

In the days when teapots and porclain tea cups were used there was a reason why either milk or tea was poured into the cup 1st... if you could pour your hot tea into the cup before adding milk it meant you had enough money to be able to afford good quality china as it wouldn't crack under the heat. But if you put the milk in 1st it meant u were too poor 4 good quality tea cups! But this is irrelevant coz the tea would be brewed already in the teapot so it would be a nice cuppa either way!

1 Put sugar in cup
2 Put tea bag in cup
3 Pour in boiling water
4 Allow tea to brew
5 Remove tea bag after squeezing it
6 Stir contents before adding milk
7 Add milk and stir again

I agree with you. I think the milk stops the brewing as well. I do the same.

I put the bag in the cup, pour water on, stir the bag round a bit, then squeeze it against the cup and remove. Then add milk, colour to taste! x

I use a teapot because I use leaf tea. If I do use tea bags I still use a teapot then I can get two decent cups out of it. I also prefer to put the milk in first - another reason for the teapot.

An ex used to put milk in a mug, add the teabag and hot water, then he'd squeeze the teabag before removing it, the resulting tea was disgusting.

i pull out the tea bag, then add the creamer.

i drink mine with nothing in it, but occasionally I'll add sweetener in it, and I'll definitely add it after it's done brewing. I've never had milk in my tea, but I've read about the debates on whether it reduces the healthy effectiveness of it, etc etc. But I think it's pretty uncalled for. I think they used to add the milk first to cool the cup, then add the tea since the cup would be very hot otherwise.

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