Where is the best place to buy Green and White Tea?!

Question: Or recommend another type of tea?

Answers: Or recommend another type of tea?

It depends on how fancy you want the tea to be. If you just want to buy some inexpensive tea bags, the grocery store would be fine. The supermarket near me carries Stash green & white fusion tea, which I like. I also like Celestial Seasonings honey lemon ginseng tea.

World Market (which used to be called Cost Plus World Market) would be another place to look.

For really nice, whole-leaf tea, though, you're best off going to a tea shop, or ordering off of the Internet. Here are some websites you might consider:


I hope you'll find something you like!

The grocery store?

If you have a Starbucks near you then I would go there. Also, Pomegrante tea is really good.

The grocery store has quite a variety.

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