What kinds of coffee (brand and roast) are in your house right now?!

Question: and as a bonus, which do you intend to buy when that supply runs out. Thanks!

Answers: and as a bonus, which do you intend to buy when that supply runs out. Thanks!

gevalia costa rican pea berry & breakfast blend

Maxwell house, that's all we drink, not sure of the roast though?

Don Francisco French roast and Starbucks Vienna roast. Next time if I can find it, Don F 'northwest', otherwise the one of the two I've got now with the best price.

some one gave me a bag called wake the fuc* up lol, its really strong, i get french vanilla most of the time, any brand that's cheep.

It's all Starbucks. Espresso, Sumatra, and Italian Roast. Oh, and there's an emergency backup can of Yuban dark roast.


I have Trader Joe's Christmas blend in the refrigerator right now. I usually buy French Roast or Mocha Java.

Cafe Direct Instant
equal exchange medium roast

I will buy these gain when they run out...

ALL local roasters...folks you've never heard of, but should! No national brand in this house! If I get desperate, I'll buy a inexpensive bag of Community Coffee, dark roast...not bad for a regional player.

community coffee

Folgers medium roast is all we buy, so when the supply starts to get low, again it will be Folgers medium roast.

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