Does anyone else drink Fiji water?!

Question: And possibly chew 5 gum?

Answers: And possibly chew 5 gum?

Yes, but that bottled water is very expensive at some Las Vegas hotels and restaurants.

yes they are both good

costs too much for the fancy bottle and label.


I loooove Fiji water. I know it's more expensive but I really think it tastes better.

I also often chew at least 5 pieces of gum at a time. I'm trying to stop this.

yea they feel good to yo body

yes i do both

i have been a huge fiji water fan for years

Yes I love Fiji water for the bottles it comes in. They're differnt. As for the 5 Gum its way good and lasts forever!

Umm... Why waste so much money on water that tastes like...... WATER?

Oh and that gum is nasty

AS a bit of wealthy girl i love figi water i drink it everday it taste better than normal water and gum is awsome eat everday night and day

drink fiji

don't chew "5" gum

but i do buy "365" brands from whole foods.

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