Is coffee horrible for u?!

Question: I love coffee.i could practically live off it. i sometimes drink 6 cups in one sitting. but is it harmful? HELP PLEASE.

Answers: I love coffee.i could practically live off it. i sometimes drink 6 cups in one sitting. but is it harmful? HELP PLEASE.

In moderation, coffee is good for you because it has natural antioxidants.
6 cups in one sitting can be harmful. It can raise your heart rate too much, and it can upset your stomach. I'm a coffee addict too, and I've never had problems with either. You should keep in mind that drinking too much coffee can stain your teeth, weaken your tooth enamel, and give you an ulcer if you have a sensitive digestive system.
Just like everything else, keep it in moderation.

Well, according to the media, one day coffee is fantastic for us providing all sorts of antioxidants, etc. Then the next day, it is reported to cause cancer, or anxiety or depression or some other tragedy. The best thing to do with all food and drink is moderation. If you are concerned, mix 1/2 regular coffee and 1/2 decaf coffee in a cannister.

I am here to tell you that after drinking 2 pots of 8 cups a day for 20 yrs, it sure didnt hurt me.

Coffee is the source of all that is, and ever will be. BUT...

The ONLY coffee is that which you roast at home. Anything else is stale, putrid ditchwater that isn't fit for condemned criminals. Once you've had home-roasted, FRESH coffee, you'll puke trying to gag down anything else.

Well it is addicting and if you for any reason couldn't have it any given day you would probably have horrible headaches so I can't imagine it's that good for you.

its actuall good for u in moderation...but u drink
too much

its not bad for you but you still should monitor your consumption levels there is a lot of antioxidants in it and there are many health benefits its not horrible for you it keeps you focused and gives you more energy! :) Im a solid two cups a day and i see no problem.. over eight cups everyday can be bad for your health but if you dont do that all the time i wouldnt be worried relax :)

Too much of it isn't good, since too much caffiene would disrupt your nervous system. I would try to cut out so you would only drink 3 cups a day? It also depends if it's decaf or not, and if it has a LOT of Caf.

it's not the coffee that is harmful, but the stuff you put in it, like sugar and artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. Coffee is just a bean that is roasted and ground up.

i love coffee too!!

no i drink more than that it can Stain Ur teeth .butt harmful only if you spill it on you or your dog.

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