I changed my Pur water filter twice and I'm finding black particles in my water. What's going on?!

Question: Is this harmful to drink? How can I fix it?

Answers: Is this harmful to drink? How can I fix it?

Don't panic. The black particles are just minor traces of the activated charcoal in the filtration system. If you didn't already, I would suggest that you follow the directions exactly when replacing the filter. Usually you have to soak them in cold water for about 30 min. or so, rinse them and then they are ready to use. If you already did that don't worry about it
as the charcoal is not harmful. If it really bugs you, just take a small finely woven strainer place a paper coffee filter in it and pour the water through it while it sits over your glass.

it's the charcoal in the filter

It's not harmful. It's the charcoal in the filter.

It's charcoal particles from the filter. It's not harmful, it's what purifies the water in the filter. Not unusual for a new filter, and it should go away after you've cycled water through it a few times.

it's probably the carbon in the filter. filter a few pitchers of water and pour the water out. it should be clear after that.

it is charcoal and no it is not harmful to drink. If you are concerned, pour the water down the drain, then refill the pitcher.

thers a possibility you have charcoal in your filter you may need to change it again.

its the charcoal

its the charcoal in the new filter. it will stop.
it is not unusual for this to happen, and it will not hurt you.

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