Whats a good energy drink if slightly sensitive to caffeine but tolerate it somewhat ?!

Question: how much caffeine in a cup of coffee

Answers: how much caffeine in a cup of coffee

The average cup of caffeine in a cup of Starbucks is:

Regular Drip Coffee:
(12oz) 240mg
(16oz) 320mg
(20oz) 480mg

Chai Tea from Starbucks has:
(12oz) 75 mg
(16oz) 100 mg
(20oz) 120 mg

Energy drinks that have guarana added has to be listed as caffeine because of the high content of caffeine in that plant. Most energy drinks have guarana in it to boost the "energy" effect, basically, at minimum doubling the caffeine content.

Try Chai Tea from Starbucks. It's good and healthier for you as you get antioxidants from the black tea and spices used to flavor the tea (ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, honey). Besides, you don't want to have thyroid and adrenal gland problems 10 years from now.

Arizona green tea energy drink


i personaly like the rock star....but i cant finsh the whole thing so thats why i have friends that like them to!

Red Bull don't know how much caffeine is in it but has a ton of vitamins,lots of b12 & b6.

If you're sensitive to caffeine, I would avoid monster, redbull, full throttle (which all have about 80mgs of caffeine, per 8 oz, similar to an 8 oz cup of coffee) and definately avoid rockstar. It has 120mgs per serving.

If you're looking for something mildly stimulating, try vitamin water tropical citrus or snapple antioxidant water "awaken". Each of those only contains about 30 mgs of caffeine plus vitamins and stuff.

Function's Alternative Energy is pretty good too. It's longer lasting and doesn't have the crash of some other energy drinks. However, I'm not able to find the caffeine content for it. While it's begining to become more widely available, you may not be able to get it in your area yet.

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