How much puss is in a 2 pint bottle of milk?!

Question: I watched a documentry the other night and it was saying that probably a quarter of the bottle would be puss as the cow has an infection in the udders. I love milk but that has made me really off it, I havent touched it since! Is this true?

Answers: I watched a documentry the other night and it was saying that probably a quarter of the bottle would be puss as the cow has an infection in the udders. I love milk but that has made me really off it, I havent touched it since! Is this true?

That woman on wife swap was using scare techniques on those children and obviously was also doing same to her own kids in order to justify her own beliefs and way of life,so that her and her bloke could live the way they do. in my opinion she was so used to scareing her own kids off the idea of buying any ready made products that she just made stuff up as she went along.i mean don't u think we would all hear something if this was true? my friends dad is a dairy farmer and as above posters said its extremely sterile in his milking parlour.if the lady had said to the kids actually the cows are fed on food which contains growth hormones so that the cow can produce more milk she would have been nearer the truth.or that actually the only reason those cows continue to produce milk all year round even though they have no calf to feed is because a man comes and steals her milk she also would have been closer to the truth. but milk being a quarter pus? proves that she is a stupid manky cow lol

Was that wife swap?! when that weird hippie woman who lived au natural on a horrible little boat in spain? She was scaring that child in the supermarket about cow having infected udders. She was such a weirdo.

Thanks sabrina k for informing us of that, someone tell that hippie from wife swap now!

2 pints

IF the cow has an infection, but I also believe pasteurization kills all bacteria.

I was eating a bowl of cereal until I read this!!

Well how do you feel about it's being mucus in the most benign of circumstances?

it was on wife swap also :)

Cows can get Mastitis in their udders which is a infection. It is removed in the pasteurization process

There's never any puss in my milk, though my cat does enjoy drinking it.

With regard to how much pus is in a bottle of milk, I've no idea & I don't really care. I will still continue to drink milk - pus or no pus!

the farmers check the cows and would not use them for milking if they had a infection... also the milk is pasturised which kills off everything...
this is a wind-up, pull the udder one!!!

If a cow has mastitis then she won't be milked, one reason is that they can't stand their udders to be touched, another is the farmer gives antibiotics which means that any milk taken from the cow is thrown away for at least the next week-penicillin has a withdrawal period regarding using animal products for human consumption. Guidelines are pretty tight regarding this, and well monitored. Even if there was any residual infection in the milk, pasteurisation would kill it off.

What a load of bollox! There is noway that any farmer would use the milk from an infected cow. If he did he would risk his whole herd from getting the same infection. Milking parlours are sterile to the extreme. He would separate the infected cow the milk would be disposed of in accordance with the law. An udder infection is relatively easy to treat. The milk from that cow could not be used anyway as it would be placed on antibiotics by a vet and the milk would not be allowed to be used as the antibiotics would be in the milk and is harmful if in jested by humans. No farmer would risk a valuable cow just for a few extra quid that he will lose from the milk yield.

Cow's milk should really only be consumed by calf's. That is why so many people have a hard time digesting milk. And even if you don't show signs of lactose intolerance, it could still have a negtive affect on your body. You are right for giving it up. Check out this site: Scroll down and check out the list on the left in gray, and click on 9. Milk & dairy; very interesting and informative stuff.

If you read this you will most likely never want to drink milk ever again... lol :-)

It is against federal regulations in the USA to commercially sell any milk from any animal which is not up to health code. For a cow, an infected udder would be something that would prevent it from being milked, especially while on antibiotics. And no, cow's milk isn't meant only for calves. We've been drinking it for thousands of years. Losing lactase in the intestines is why so many people have trouble with digesting milk.


EDIT - yeah, dog sperm? Wonder what the nutritional benefits of that is? That is incredibly ignorant! Maybe the fact that we, as humans, also produce milk is what our ancestors first thought when we drank that of a cow. Pus is completely derogatory here; the 2003 FDA PMO mandated that all Grade A pasteurized milk in the US should be free of blood and pus. ALL milk, even your mom's, has white blood cells, aka 'pus' in it. Maybe we should stop breast feeding as well. Stop taking nutritional advice from PETA.

Funny how milk has got into our diet. Imagine if, through some strange accident of history, we had got used to, say, dog sperm?

What a load of rubbish (fyi pus is spelled with one s otherwise it's a cat).

All milk is pasteurised and totally safe to drink unless you've gone and milked the cow/goat yourself.

this is fcuking hilarious !!!LOL

2 pints

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