Question: like monster or read bull cuz i trying it

Answers: like monster or read bull cuz i trying it

No...drinking 2-3 cups of black coffee has more caffeine than 2 cans of red bull.

That being said some people drink POTS of coffee in one sitting and don't have complications. However, it is "unhealthy" because your also consuming alot of sugars which are uneccessary. Energy drinks aren't anything special except a sugar coated caffeine concentrated drink. It's all does a better job.

of course it is...why are you asking if your doing it....

I'll let you know when I stop bouncing off the wall

yes it is dangerous my friend told me that his friend had gotten cancer for drinking too much of it so don't drink any like we both talked about it as well if you could get cancer from smoking cigs and liver cancer for drinking alcholhol then what are the chances with energy drink idk we didn't know ither or who knows maybe we might be wrong and well idk ask a doctor that question

just dont do it

Yes... try not to do it

You could have a heart attack.

Yeah, seeing as you posted your question in all capital letters, even though that's considered rude in online etiquette, it apparently causes brain damage. *grins*

Seriously, though, that much caffeine could cause heart problems.

"Too much caffeine can cause adverse side effects, such as nervousness, irritability, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and insomnia."

"Do not drink excessive amounts of Red Bull Energy Drink. The limit on Red Bull Energy Drink is 500 mL or two cans a day, as indicated on the product label."

"Most energy drinks contain between 70 and 200 mg [of caffeine]. . . . A lot of people experience side effects above 200mg, but I’ve personally known people that can handle a full gram at a time. They looked like an ADD monkey having a seizure, but they didn’t die. I don’t recommend it."

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