Tap Water!! Will you or won't you drink water from the tap?!

Question: I drink tap water w/a bit of lemon in it. Will you or won't you drink tap water, why or why not.

Answers: I drink tap water w/a bit of lemon in it. Will you or won't you drink tap water, why or why not.

I have no problems drinking from my tap. I have a water softener hooked up and my water is fine.

I will not drink from tap because of the chance of there being lead in it.

I have a Brita filter.

I prefer filtered water. So I have a filtering pitcher that I use

I use a water filter pitcher; our building is very old, so the water coming out of the faucet tastes pretty odd.

no only unless i have to! it tastes horrible!

I'm not sure why but it tastes horrible.

our water has alot of radium in it so i try to drink filtered water. however i cook with the tap water so, im sure i am getting alot of nastiness.
our city is actually being severly fined for not getting rid of this radium problem.

I'm not against tap water, I'll drink it no problem, as long as it dosn't taste like chlorine. Besides drinking tap water cuts down on plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment.

My studio is in an old building-and the pipes are original. Main Street was just a dirt road when this building was first used as a bank and people drove into town in horse drawn wagons..So with those original pipes still in use--no-I won't drink it..

At home-I do sometimes (newer pipes-circa 1999 & PVC)---but I like the taste of store bought filtered water with reverse osmosis..and since buying it is only 39 cents a gallon at the grocery-I figure it's a worthy expense...I don't drink beer --and lost over 30 lbs---just by drinking that water instead of pop. Who knew.

I refill my water jugs-then my water bottles from that.

Fortunately, I live in an area with a highly clean water pipe system, so I do drink tap water regularly. However, if I switch locations to somewhere else and the liquid begins tasting funky, I might prefer to dehydrate myself if you know what I mean =D.

no its not healthy it has lots of parasites and chemicals its not healthy but a filter for your own good .Well especially for me becasue im a herat transplant patient and im immune to any sickness and im required to not go anywhere near tap water because of the things it carries i could really be in hott water which means i could get an infection in my new heart and die so this kinda of proves how dangerous it is

I will not drink tap water because it isnt really filtered, and it may have lead in it. plus it tastes disgusting!

The tap water here is safe to drink. There a good natural underground aquifers here and the water is quite good. I do drink the tap water here.

yes because you need the minerals that are in it as opposed to bottled water! Thats what my geology professor says!

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