I cracked open an egg off the farm and there was a red dot on the yolk. what is that?!

Question: i cracked open the egg and on the yolk it has a little redish dot on the side of it. what is that red dot? is it normal?

Answers: i cracked open the egg and on the yolk it has a little redish dot on the side of it. what is that red dot? is it normal?

To a certain extent you can get some red dots in chicken eggs because they've been fertilised, but it's perfectly possible to get red dots and a little bit of blood if they're not fertilised. That's because the egg gets made in the chicken's oviduct. It descends the oviduct and has the shell made around the outside. Sometimes as it's going down the oviduct, a blood vessel in the wall of that oviduct in the mother chicken can burst and spill out and get into the material that's being laid down in the egg. This means that you have a little blood spot in the egg that then gets wrapped up in the shell. Most egg producers shine lights through the eggs in order to see if that's happened and weed them out. Pale eggs are easier to weed out than the brown ones, which is why you tend to see it more often in brown eggs. It's not in any way pathological having the spot in them and you can eat those. They're harmless.

probably some blood.. i have found that in eggs ive bought at the store once in a while... i always throw them out

the egg was fertilized...

The chick must of had a problem in the egg before it turned into an egg that humans can eat

it's demonic lol, probably dont consume it if u see another one like that lol

a heart

or cancer

or just something you can take off then enjoy

a piece of the baby chicken that you just killed

the egg was feritilized and you killed it

Just an eye. It's ok

Crazy. Well, I got two thumbs down for putting crazy, but what I meant was unusual, interesting, uncommon, weird. But, next time I won't make small talk.

i forgot what it is called but it is normal to sometimes be in an egg i just advise you not to eat it just because that seems nasty lol. i have heard of it before. actually i heard of the whole inside being red like blood.

It won't hurt you and it is normal. However, that dot is blood and it is because the egg was fertile.

A pimple.

The egg was fertilized. Not a problem protine rich. Eat it.

My mom use to say, "It's where the rooster chased the hen." In other words just a little bit of where the chicken was starting to form, no biggy, sometimes you have a solid white squiggle in the white hitched to the yolk. Same idea, it is still edible. If it bothers you, just remove it, or don't eat it.

I often wondered about that, too. So did some research. It is not because it was fertilized. The reason you don't see in it eggs from the grocery store is that they are all "candled", and that egg would be picked out. It's harmless, but I always pick the spot out too, before using it. Just put your question in your browser and it will tell you exactly what it is. Country eggs are better quality because the chickens are fed better and not fed chemicals. The color of the shell has nothing to do with the quality of the egg either.

A fertilized egg.

Its is blood. It has happened to me before. Just dont eat it. It is common

your chicken is eating to much okra

It is ok to eat just a fertilized egg with a drop of blood this is normal as you cook it the blood drop will disappear anyway enjoy p

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