Does cake mix really expire?!


Does cake mix really expire?

I have valentines day cake mix, unopened. It says its best by Jun. 08, 2007. Is it really expired or less tasty etc?

Answers: That date will be ok, but, unless it's kept in the Fridge or freezer, it will eventually get bugs in it, or the baking powder in it will lose its' potency.

The expiration date is usually overstated to make sure that people pay attention and not get sick or something. Cake mixes perform best if used within two years of the manufacturing date. This time frame is only a guideline. If stored in a cool, dry area it will remain fresh longer. Older mix is not harmful in any way; however, the leavening ingredient is affected by age, and the cake may not rise properly. Technically It's all dry ingredients and has a low moisture content which is why it's shelf stable. However if it has been exposed to very humid conditions, it is possible that mold or spores could have grown in it. If it's sealed in the original package, there really shouldn't be a problem from a food safety point. However in terms of baking properties, that might be different. The baking soda or other ingredients might not work as good as they used to. If you're questioning it, just throw it out and buy yourself another $2 box of cake mix. well considering pancake mix should be thrown away after it has expired then cake mix probably should to but I'm not exactly sure because I accidently use expired cake mix and it taste just fine. I think if it has been in a some what cool dry area and the box is still in good shape then it should be fine.

Just make sure there is no funky smells. yes it expires as all food products etc does..thats why theyre putting expiry dates and best before on the products..dont use it..youll be poisoned..ill lend you money to buy 1.. Yes!! recently i cooked one that was expired like about 6-12 mths ago and it tasted and smelled really sure was not worth taking the trouble of making it all up to find out! Yes, they expired. Read this one I copied from
Cake Mix Doctor site

This morning, I was going to bake a cake. I took out my Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Fudge cake mix. When I opened it, there was a moth flying around inside the sealed plastic package. I threw it away & took out a second box of Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Fudge cake mix. It had the same problem. So this prompted me to pull all of my cake mixes & brownies mixes out of the pantry to check. I had to throw away 6 Duncan Hines cake mixes (all of them chocolate) and three brownie mixes.

I tried to contact Duncan Hines through their website but all they provide you with is a mailing address. Believe me, I wrote that letter & am sending it today! yes they do expire, i made a Mississippi mud cake after the expiration date and it was nasty Yes,it does.Just like flour. I keep my cake mixes in the freezer until needed. They don't get the mealy bugs in them this way, and could preserve the freshness longer. I've had cake mixes this way for several months, and they bake fine. If it was on your pantry shelf, I would be leary moreso due to the bugs, than anthing else.

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