What does Net weight mean?!


What does Net weight mean?

I bought some dried spices and the container says net wt. 16 oz. I had to split it in half and I weighed it and it only weighed 10 oz. Does the weight include the container when they say net wt? Or did I not get enough in the container?


net weight is supposed to be the weight of the product, minus the tare weight(container) if it in fact only weighed 10 oz, either you got ripped off, or the contents dried out from manufacturer and packaging to the time that you acquired it. ie powdered garlic will a substantial amount of moisture from a cardboard container while in transit, but the contents will remain quite viable. the net weight of a hamburger is considered to be before cooking, after with out the grease and water, its quite a different product, both in texture and appearance

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