I just found out that Potato Chips are packed in nitrogen when they are bagged. Is that healthy?!


I just found out that Potato Chips are packed in nitrogen when they are bagged. Is that healthy?

It doesn't sound healthy at all. I don't think I'll be buying chips anymore.

Answers: Well, if it is true, it's perectly safe. Around 78% of the air you breathe is Nitrogen. Do you think you'll be breathing anymore?

Really though, eating potato chips is not healthy no matter wht they are packed in. Even if they were packed in chlorine gas, I think the chips would be worse for you. I never heard that, but since the air we breathe is about 78% nitrogen, I don't see how it would be unhealthy. I would think it would help keep the chips fresher, since their would be no oxygen in the bag, slowing the growth of bacteria (which would be unhealthy). Buy Pringles. I prefer unsalted potato chips cooked in sunflower oil from Kettle Valley. Most chips are too salty unless they are made with non-iodized sea salt in moderation. You can get them at the health food store but it will cost you. Imagine my disappointment when I could no longer find Skor and Hershey's cookies and cream chocolate bars. I don't mind the Botticelli but it has to be the small size, milk chocolate and without nuts, unless they are almonds or hazelnuts. No peanuts. the level of nitrogen they pump into the bags is better than using oxygen. nitrogen is only lethal or unhealthy at very high levels. if they used oxygen to fill the bags the chips would stale before you even got the chips in the store. there is nothing wrong with the chips.

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