Is cole slaw good or bad for you?!


Is cole slaw good or bad for you?

I'm talking about the creamy white cole slaw.

On the one hand, you have cabbage and carrots which are good. But on the other, they're covered in a fatty sauce that contains lots of mayonnaise.

So what do you think, good or bad? And if anyone has a link to estimated nutrition info, that'd help too. I'm sure there's a good amount of saturated fat.

The mayonnaise, or whatever other sauce is used(ranch dressing), usually far outweighs that nutritional benefits of the lettuce and other vegetables or fruits.

I have my cole slaw with Vegenaise (solidified grapeseed oil that tastes surprisingly just like mayonnaise - you don't have to be vegan to enjoy it!), which is better for you than mayo, so my cole slaw is decently healthy. I still consider it basically a filler food with only some significant nutritional value though, but awesome as a side dish.

it is good for you because it keeps you regular

veggie is good,mayo is baaaad.

Cole slaw is good for u cause they have vegetables in it

its probably healthier than the Bar-B-Que i put it on...yum yum
.....Have a great Memorial weekend....peace and fortune!

anyone grilling out, there is a great chicken recipe in the cooking forum...

We make ours with vegenaise. Tastes the same, better for you. :P

We bring home a lot of our meals from our small town restaurant and I love cole slaw and I just press a large spoon onto it in the container to drain off a lot of the mayo juice.

some people can't handle cabbage -so if you are one, take Beano before eating. Causes flatulence in some people I is good for you,by the way. Some who make it use a vinaigrette dressing with a little sugar and that is tasty too..

Here's a link to 4 different fast food cole slaws:

When I do slaw I skip all the white stuff. Instead I just use my normal oil/vinegar dressing or whatever other dressing I'm in the mood for (I'm never in the mood for that sugary glop BTW). For bottled dressings I use the veggie dressings from Annie's Naturals.

I make mine with Miracle Whip instead of mayo. I think it tastes much better and I have no idea what's in it. I feel better just not having to worry about what bad things I ate. Of course, too much of any good thing can kill you! 3 or 4 pounds of the stuff near an open flame- watch out!
I checked the link below and couldn't find anything about Miracle Whip, thank goodness. That could ruin my cole slaw

I make no mayo cole slaw... I use raw sugar or sweetleaf.

1/4 cup red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons peanut or vegetable oil
16 ounces, shredded cabbage mix for cole slaw
1 teaspoon salt
Salt and pepper

You can make cole slaw without mayo. I make mine with shredded red and green cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and mix in celtic sea salt, garlic, olive oil, cider vinger and lemon juice, mmmmmmmmm no mayo!!

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