What type of lettuce is the healthiest??!


What type of lettuce is the healthiest??

Romaine?? Iceberg?? Can to much lettuce be unhealthy? Just curious.

Based on what I was able to find, romaine lettuce has the most going for it. According to WHFoods, it's an excellent source of "vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, manganese, and chromium."

Romaine also has good folic acid content. This helps the body convert a chemical called homocysteine into a less threatening substance.

WH Foods features an in depth breakdown of romaine's nutrients. It's included in the source list below.



they are all healthy and made up of mostly water.
i would have a mix of lettuce to get abit of a variety

I prefer and also think romaine is the healthiest. Iceberg is mostly water and few nutrients.

Romaine. The darker green the vegetable is, the more nutrients it has. Also better for preventing cancers.

Darker lettuce tends to have more nutrients. Both are mostly just water, but romaine has more vitamins than iceberg. I don't think you can poison yourself on lettuce, but if you're consuming mass quantities of it and nothing else, you'll get malnurished. So I guess so?

I don't think any lettuce is of any particular nutrional value as its mainly water...Why not substitute for watercress or spinach which are full of goodness? Even cabbage tastes wonderful raw and I find far tastier than lettuce

It's already been mentioned in another answer here, however depending on what you mean by 'Healthy'. Darker leaved cabbage/lettuce, like spinach is full of good things. As for too much, well only effects it would have on your digestive system. You'd probably be pretty 'regular' and.. well, you kind of get the idea.

romaine the greener the better just like dark fruits and veges have more healthy nutrients and also arugula

Any of the darker leaved lettuces are better for you they have more iron and vitamin K, iceberg lettuce is just crunchy water :(
The only time too much green vegetables are not good is when you are taking a blood clotting drug (Heparin or Warfarin)
our bodies don't have the enzyme to digest plant products fully, or at all , so other than getting your intestines full of the greens you are still absorbing the nutrients from the veggies and pooping alot.

Romaine, the darker the green the healthier it is. I put a link at the bottom to show you the nutrients in Romaine lettuce.

i use both but i like romaine better and it's healthier too..
too much of anything is not good but i m not too sure if that's the case fr lettuce


Worlds healthiest vegetables:

Bell peppers
Brussels sprouts
Collard greens
Fennel bulb
Green beans
Green peas
Mushrooms, Crimini
Mushrooms, Shiitake
Mustard greens
Romaine lettuce
Sea vegetables
Squash, summer
Squash, winter
Swiss chard
Tomato, fresh
Turnip Greens

Iceberg is a nutritional lightweight, and romaine isn't much better. They're still decent sources of fiber, but spinach, watercress, mache, endive, and rocket/arugula are better. I like edible flowers in my salads, too. Try this recipe for spinach salad.

Fresh spinach, washed and trimmed
1 orange, peeled and cut into 1 inch chunks

Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Peanuts (cashews and almonds also work)
Soy sauce
Lemon juice

Blend the dressing in a blender or food processer until fairly smooth. Pour over spinach and oranges.

High in iron, vitamin C, and a fair amount of protein.

Romaine!!! for sure....ask any tortoise....they will not eat iceberg...and small turtles that eat it when there is no choice...get the runs and die.
Iceberg was an experiment for cattle to cut the cost...then they found that the cattle died from malnutrition...there is absolutely no nutritional value in iceberg lettuce...no one should eat it...

the darker the lettuce the better. Spinach leaves are the best for you though. so if your are looking for healthy try adding some.

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