Is vegetable "OKRA and EGGPLANT" can cause gout?!


Is vegetable "OKRA and EGGPLANT" can cause gout?

NO..neither is on this list of foods associated with gout...... ......CAUSES OF GOUT....... Genetics may play a role in determining a person's risk, since up to 18% of people with gout have a family history of the disease.
Gender and age are related to the risk of developing gout; it is more common in men than in women and more common in adults than in children.
Being overweight increases the risk of gout because there is more tissue available for turnover or breakdown, which leads to excess uric acid production.
Drinking too much alcohol can lead to hyperuricemia because it interferes with the removal of uric acid from the body.
Eating too many foods rich in purines can cause or aggravate gout in some people.
An enzyme defect that interferes with the way the body breaks down purines causes gout in a small number of people, many of whom have a family history of gout.
Exposure to lead in the environment can cause gout.
Some people who take certain medicines or have certain conditions are at risk for having high levels of uric acid in their body fluids. FOODS that can contritbute ..the ones high in purine are ...Beer, other alcoholic beverages.
Anchovies, sardines in oil, fish roes, herring.
Organ meat (liver, kidneys, sweetbreads)
Legumes (dried beans, peas)
Meat extracts, consomme, gravies.
Mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower.....

A possible "natural" cure is a berry extract supplement consisting of bilberry, blueberry or cherry extracts. The anthocyanins which give the berries their blue and purple hues, after entering the body, turn into powerful anti-inflammatories....wikiped...

No, they are very healthy vegetables. You can eat them till they come out of your ears and be fit as a fiddle.

Of course not. Gout is linked to purines and high-protein foods, especially animal proteins. Offal is the worst, other meats and seafood come second. Like the other guy said, you can eat okra and eggplant till they come outta your ears.

By the way okra is way more nutritious than eggplant.


Only if you drink whiskey with them as I do.

Vegetables can't cause gout.

Like any other veggie, if you fry it in batter it is no longer healthy.
Other than that, NO they can't. But lack of physical activity is one of the leading contributors to gout.


Gout is aggravated by excess meat and alcohol. Anchovies and organ meats are the worst offenders. A vegetarian diet will usually alleviate the symptoms of gout although some vegetables do have the offending purines in them.

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