Are Pickled Beets good for you?!


Are Pickled Beets good for you?

I have been overdoseing on these things for a week now. I'll eat a jar of them and nothing else. Never done that before. I know vegatables are good for you but, they are pickled so I'm wondering.

oh my god - i do the same thing. pickled beets are so good, that's all i eat. i would like to know the answer to this too!

Beets are good for you, but keep an eye on the sodium (salt). Some pickling recipes call for a lot of salt.

A pickled beet retains all of its fiber as well as its vitamins and mineral content. Pickling is a process that aids in the longevity of the vegetable in the canning/bottling process. It is a solution of mostly vinegar as well as pickling spices. I too love pickled beets. This pickling process holds true for almost all pickled items.

anything pickled is full of salt. and really good!! have you tried pickled cauliflower? eggs? sausage?

They are generally good for you, but not in such quantities and not if you eat nothing else. Try incorporating them in a slightly more balanced diet and you'll be ok.

Pickled beets are really tasty. I love'em too. Still the thing is everything in moderation. I read the Japanese have a high incidence of mouth/throat cancer because of the high quantity of pickled items in their diet (tsukemono). I personally am not sure all the research is in cause it could be alcohol and smoking related. Perhaps a word of caution about a diet high in pickled stuff (or only pickled foods) might not be out of line.

I could be wrong but the pickling would be full of sodium and not the best for you. Lots of sugar as well. I like staight beats anyway.

Pickled Beets... yeck!!!.. how can you stand them? I bet you like pickled eggs too... another yeck to me! I like beets steamed, boiled and even fried and in soups too but never
pickled. Beets are good for U no matter how U have them.. they have plenty of Iron in them!
U should eat something else besides pickled beets though! Canned Pumpkin or a stick of celery or something.. go ahead eat as many pickled beets as like just eat a few other items too for your best health!

Never had Pickled Beets Before. I gotta try them is you like them that much.

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